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Our Story

Since 2011

The strength of the movement lies in the sharing of common ideas and principles, which are the principles of the UN IGF Forum and represent a bottom-up, open, transparent and multi-stakeholder approach. 

The movement also strives to improve lives locally by engaging in digital development.

The Youth IGF movement was conceived during the First French Youth and Teenagers IGF, which took place in France in 2011 at the Council of Europe. It is an initiative developed by TaC-Together against Cybercrime International in cooperation with the Council of Europe, the Ministry of Education of France, French Youth and its partners.

The movement is administered by an international NGO, TaC-Together against Cybercrime International.

Youth IGF centres its activities on the organisation of annual events, debates and talks, as well as training, capacity building and awareness-raising sessions on subjects related to internet governance. A number of countries are implementing targeted projects either locally or nationally.

TaC International is both non-profit and neutral. The movement is financed through a multi-stakeholder funding scheme and contributions from donors. TaC International has a separate budget dedicated to the activities of Youth IGF.

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